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To identify your waste tire problem, determine the best solution and provide the necessary equipment, technology, and personnel to ensure dependable economical service. To tailor our service to meet each customer's individual needs.

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



Ensure your used tires get pickup and promptly and recycled properly.Georgia Tire Recovery offers reliable, cost-effective tire pick-up service throughout Georgia. Many of our customers have been with us over 10 years. Why? We offer fast, reliable service at a competitive price. We don't have a high-paid sales staff. All our employees are concerned, reliable, experienced personnel with long term focus.

FREE Trailers & Containers

We are happy to furnish our customers with a trailer or container at no charge. That's right, there is no charge for the use of our tire collection containers. We charge only by the exchange.

Cost Effective

Using our tire pickup service is simple and cost-effective.

    Hand Pickup Service
    Light Truck and Passenger
    $2.00 PTE - 100 Tire Minimum

    $1.30 PTE - This is an easy-to-load container we call "the cage." It has ground-level entry, and it fits well in a single car parking space. It holds approximately 280 tires. This container is ideal for customers who generate 100 plus tires per month. $390.00 per exchange equates to $1.30 Per Tire Equivalency (PTE).

    $1.08 PTE - This is our most popular container. It is a 28 foot semi trailer that holds approximately 600 passenger tires. It is great for tire dealers who generate 300 plus tires per month. $650.00 per exchange equates to $1.08 Per Tire Equivalency (PTE).

    $1.01 PTE - Our 45 foot semi trailers hold approximately 1300 tires. This is the best value for tire dealers who generate 650 plus tires per month. $1275.00 per exchange equates to $1.01 Per Tire Equivalency (PTE).
    There are no rental fees.
  • There are no transportation fees.
  • There are no tonnage fees.
  • There is just one simple fee when your trailer or cage is exchanged. This is a flat rate fee that does not change for each pickup.

Ideal Containers

  • The size of your container depends on your monthly volume and available space.
  • All trailers and containers are lockable.
  • All semi trailers are fully-enclosed and dry.
  • There's no double handling of tires when you use our containers.
  • The 7x16 ft. container was designed to be placed in a single car parking space, and it has ground level entry.

Environmentally Compliant

Georgia Tire Recovery is fully-licensed and permitted. We comply with all solid waste management regulations and safety guidelines. All E.P.D. paperwork (manifests) are completed and mailed within 10 days. Your tires are processed in a manner conserves natural resources and is safe for our environment. E.P.D. Permit No. 126-001-CR.

Looking Towards the Future

We want to be your partner in solving our waste tire problems now and in the future. Please Contact Us today.

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We want to be your partner in solving our waste tire problems.